Drew Boylhart   4/09

Troy Kropog   OT   Tulane        



Troy has good size and overall athleticism to play his position.  He moves his feet well, he shows pride in his effort and strong mental stamina.  He looks to be a good teammate and works well with his line mates.  Troy has great techniques, is very consistent and shows leadership skills by his play on the field.  He should be a very good RT who might develop into a LT in the right system.  



Right now, Troy does not show enough quickness out of his stance to deal with the speed rushes as a LT in the NFL.  Troy has to get stronger in both his upper and lower body, but this should not be a problem.  He is a pure RT that could play LT in a pinch, but his lack of lateral quickness is a problem that he covers up very well by using good techniques.  



Troy is a pure RT who is a very good run blocker and a solid pass blocker.  He could be a Pro Bowl RT.  In my opinion, he will just be a solid LT who has to play in a system that fits him to be successful.  A play action vertical offense system would be the best fit for him as a LT.  Still, he will struggle unless he is covered with a TE on obvious passing downs.  Troy is an impact RT; I suggest you draft him with that thought in mind.  Anything you get after that should be considered gravy as far as playing LT.  Give Troy a few years and plug him in the RT position and I think the team that drafts him will be glad they drafted this kid.  Troy is a potential core player for the team that drafts him.