Drew Boylhart   3/09

Tyrone McKenzie   LB   South Florida         



Tyrone is a fluid athlete with strong cover skills.  He has decent size, speed and burst to the ball and is a good tackler.  He is a smart player and shows leadership skills along with solid all-around talent to be a core player for the team that drafts him.  Tyrone is the type of player that just does his job and is efficient, no matter if you use him on the inside or on the outside.  He is not an impact player, but he is a good player.   



Tyrone is what I call a catcher.  He runs down plays more than he attacks plays.  This could be because he lacks the true instincts of an impact player and is always a 1/2 a step slow to react.  He is also not a meet-and-greet-in-the-hole style of LB.  



Efficient is the best way to describe the way Tyrone plays.  There is nothing wrong with that style of LB.  In fact, all teams need a LB they know will always play his position and have the back (so to speak) of the LB who likes to attack, taking themselves out of plays or over running plays.  Tyrone is that player who has your back and can be a leader because the other players on the team understand his worth to the team.  Tyrone can play a little inside or outside.  He can play some nickel and in some dime defenses.  He is versatile and can be counted on to play his position and assignment and every once in a while turn in an impact play.  Tyrone is the type of player that plays better in playoff games because he is the player other teams feel they can attack.  Of course, after the game and after Tyrone has made the impact plays of that game, the opponent realizes that they made a mistake.  Tyrone is a core player who can be counted on.