Drew Boylhart   12/08

Tyson Jackson   DE/DT   LSU   



Tyson has very good size to play his position. He seems to be a hard worker and does a solid job defending against the run.  Tyson could play inside or outside as a DE or a DT, depending on the base defensive system the team that drafts him uses.  He looks to be a valued teammate and is strong in carrying out his assigned responsibilities.  Tyson is a solid defensive lineman.  



Tyson is not quick enough and lacks the foot speed to be a true pass rushing DE at the next level.  He is not big enough or strong enough to play DT.  He has also played a lot of games and, unfortunately, has not shown a great deal of improvement from year to year.  Tyson does not play with the great passion needed to overcome his other deficiencies.  



Right now, Tyson is a tweener who has not improved from year to year at the college level.  He could very well be a player whose football maturity has been slowed because he is playing out of position in a defense that does not show his strengths.  However, if he is, then he has some big improving to do and will need to do that improving really fast.  He is a two-gap defensive lineman who, in the future, might be able to put pressure on the QB from an inside rush.  If your team uses a 3-4 defense that requires its down linemen to defend in a two gap system, then Tyson should be a good solid DE in that type of defense.  Tyson is not going to be a flashy player who gets a lot of stats.  He will gum up the works for you so your LB's can make a play, but he will not be much of a playmaker himself.  As a rotation lineman in a 4-3, he just might give you a sack or two and become an important part of your rotation, but I do not see Tyson being an outstanding playmaker at the next level.  In the right system, he should be a good solid run stuffing defensive lineman who will give you some pressure on the QB in a passing situation.  Tyson should be taken early in the draft because of his size and the fact that quality defensive lineman are hard to find in any round.  But the truth is, the kid has to play with more passion for me to believe that he is going to improve and become more than he was at the college level.  He has the potential to be a good solid defensive lineman in the right system, but he lacks the passion and did not improve from one year to the next.  That's what I see on film.