Drew Boylhart   12/08

Victor Harris   CB   Virginia Tech         



Victor Harris is a playmaker!  He loves to make plays on the defensive side of the ball, the offensive side of the ball and even on special teams.  He has good size and speed to play his position and shows strong hands to catch or intercept the ball.  Victor has great instincts and does well in coverage in a zone scheme.  He is strong and can out-muscle WR's when involved in man-to-man coverage, but his main focus -- when he is playing CB -- is to intercept every ball thrown his way.  



Victor is one hell of a lousy tackler!  He is better in zone coverage than he is in man-to-man coverage, but because he won't tackle very well, he will have trouble being moved to safety.  He is easily fooled because he goes for the big hit or big play on every down.  However, he is a playmaker and will impact if he is used as a special teams player and nickel-dime DB, but I think I have a better answer to this dilemma.  



Victor wants to be a star so bad that I think if the right coach pushes the right buttons, Victor will improve his overall play and become a pretty good offensive player.  As a CB, I think he is more of a liability than an asset.  I would move him to the offensive side of the ball as a special teams player and slot receiver and see how well he matures.  As a CB or Safety, you are looking for big problems in general because Victor does not do anything the correct way except intercept the ball.  I don't think this kid is very coachable on the defensive side of the ball.  He is just too crazy to get to the ball when it is in the air.  When the ball is in the air, Victor runs around crazy like a dog in a meat packing plant looking for a bone!  So my theory is, why fight it?  If he wants the ball that bad, put him on the other side of the ball and let him run reverses, catch passes and play special teams.  I think to try to make him into a CB/Safety would be like chasing that dog around the meat packing plant until the dog finally finds the bone.  When the dog finds that bone, he will go and get another and then another and then he will lay on top of all those bones so that you can't take them away and if you try to take them away he will just get nasty and bite you!  So, again, why fight him?!  Let him have the damn bone and let Victor have the damn ball.  Really, that's all he wants!