Drew Boylhart   12/08

Vontae Davis   CB   Illinois     



Vontae is an excellent CB.  He has good size, speed, quickness to play his position.  He is a smart player and is a wrap-up tackler.  He reminds me a lot of Antoine Winfield (CB Vikings) when he comes up and supports the run.  Vontae is an excellent zone cover CB with the athletic talent to be an excellent man-to-man CB.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and understands situational football.  Add all this up and you have the recipe for an  impact, multi-talented CB/DB for the team that drafts him.  



He is an excellent zone CB right now, but in man-to-man he has some bad habits that will be magnified at the next level because of his enormous talent.  He looks into the backfield way too quickly right now.  This makes it easy for WR's and QB's at the next level to beat Vontae deep very easy.  He has such good make-up speed that he is able to do this at the college level and not have it be a problem.  He comes up quickly and does an excellent job supporting the run, but down the field in open space, he is not as good a tackler; however, he does get the job done.  All of these issues are nit picking and should not be an issue at the next level as he gains experience.  



I have not seen Vontae on special teams, but I'm sure he will be an asset and impact right away in that regard.  His man-to-man skills are there, but they need to be refined.  Techniques are the issue, but he is smart and coachable.  With a few games under his belt, he should become excellent in both zone and man-to-man coverage.  He is strong and in a nickel-dime package, you should be able to move him inside to cover those big WR's in the slot.  But don't be fooled: this kid can stay with just about any style of WR you put him up against.  He has all the tools.  He is quick, fast, strong and smart and if he gets beat, he learns during the game to adapt and defend better.  He understands situational football and could be a hell of a safety as well as a lock down cover corner.  In my book, he is the top CB in this draft. Vontae is a smooth operator.  That's why I cal him Vontae (Smooth Operator) Davis.