Drew Boylhart   12/08

William Moore   S/CB   Missouri          



William is a very talented athletic Safety who can play more than one position and play them all at a Pro Bowl level.  He has the quick twitch and hip-flip to be a lock down corner and the strength, instincts and tackling skills to be an excellent cover safety.  He is strong enough to play near the line of scrimmage and fast enough to play in a single safety defensive scheme.  William shows leadership skills and makes the players around him better.  He is the type of defensive back that offensive coordinators must account for on every play no matter what the down and distance will be.  William has talent like Troy Polamalu (DB Steelers).  



Injuries, and how well he deals with them, will dictate how successful William will be for the team that drafts him.  If he wants to play close to the line of scrimmage, he will have to bulk up a bit more or the injuries will mount.  But I don't downgrade players because of injury fears unless there are serious questions about chronic or non-healing injuries.  To my knowledge, this is not the issue with William.  



If I'm in the top ten of this draft, I'm looking very hard at drafting William.  This kid is the closest thing that I have seen coming out of college to Troy Polamalu.  In fact, he just might have better coverage skills than Troy because William can be used as a CB against WR's as well as cover TE's and RB's out of the back field.  You can use William as a rover like the Steelers use Troy because William is very smart and has excellent instincts.  He looks to be a great teammate and is the type of player that you build your defensive scheme around.  His talents will allow you to keep your opponents guessing game after game on how he is going to line up on every play.  He is a multi-talented player who can play more than one DB position at a Pro Bowl level.  That, my friends, is a top ten pick in my book.  I call him William (Flash) Moore because he flashes all over the field and like those old Flash Gordon movies, annoys the living crap out of his opponent or whomever else has to deal with him from the other side of the ball.