AJ Edds  LB  Iowa


 Round 1


AJ is a complete LB who has the athletic talent, intelligence and instincts to play any one of the inebacker positions for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent speed to go along with his size.  He has excellent man-to-man cover skills to defend against TE's and those big slot receivers.  A J is a head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler who can cut on a dime and change direction.  He has an excellent burst of speed to the ball and can cover those sneaky tailbacks coming out of the back field in the flat.  Out of all the senior linebackers in this draft A J is the best and will be the safest pick... just like Aaron Curry was last year.  I call him (Ajax) Edds because he will clean up all the mistakes your defense will make.



AJ just needs to get to the Senior Bowl and the Combine to show all of his talents.



There are a few junior linebackers, if they come out, that might overshadow A J but the truth is there is not a senior or junior linebacker that is truly better.  Perhaps, flashier but not better.  A J can play in  any system that your team is using on defense.  He can rush the passer, he can cover and he is an excellent tackler in the open field.  Give Ajax about six games to learn the angles as a MLB and you will think he had played that position all of his life.  A J can play MLB in the Tampa 2 defense.  He is as big and and fast as Brian Urlacher was when Brian came out, but the difference is that A J has played the LB position all of his college career.  This Iowa team's defense was simple but outstanding all year long and the truth is they had smart, athletic players that enabled the coaches to keep Iowa’s defense simple.  A J was one of these players.  They all worked together and they all were like coaches on the field. 

Drew Boylhart  12/09