Aaron Hernandez  TE/ H-Back  Florida 


 Round 1



Aaron is the type of Tight End that every spread offense needs to be successful.  He is multi-talented; he can be moved to just about any position and be a match-up nightmare for a defensive coordinator.  He is too big to handle for cornerbacks and safeties to cover, too quick in and out of his breaks and off the line for linebackers to cover.  He is a good blocker in open space because of his overall athleticism.  Aaron has excellent hands and can adjust to the ball in the air.  He loves to be counted on to move the chains in any situation.  Aaron is a tougher, stronger and a little bit quicker version of Dallas Clark (TE - Colts).



Aaron is a good in-line blocker when he needs to be at the college level.  Most of the reason for this is because he is more athletic and quicker than most of his competition.  Using Aaron in this capacity at the NFL level would be abusing him, so I suggest you draft him and COACH BETTER!!! 



This kid is smart and understands what the offensive game plan is trying to accomplish before and during a game.  Players like Aaron are invaluable to an offensive coordinator and a quarterback because of their versatility and size.  Aaron could be drafted in any of the first three rounds because he is more of a systems tight end, but will impact in any system if used correctly.  This is the type of player that the Patriots are missing in their spread offense.  They have tried to go with the conventional Tight End in the past, but most are not quick enough and struggle to catch the ball down the field.  This prompted them to rely on Wes Welker so much that when Wes is injured, their offense bogs down.  A player like Aaron will take the pressure off of a player like Welker because of a simple match-up situation.  A bigger, more punishing defender now has to match up with a player like Aaron and now Welker is matched up with a lighter LB, Safety or Corner.  I thought that is why they drafted Dave Thomas (TE Saints) a few years back, but I guess that did not work out.  More and more NFL teams are going to the spread or the pistol offense because of the QB's coming out from the college ranks.  It's a simple matter of LTI.  If you put Tim Tebow (QB Florida) in a pistol offense, it would end half of his technique problems and would give him a quicker LTI.  Aaron was Tim Tebow's wing man (so to speak) and Florida ran a spread offense with a little pistol thrown in for good measure.  Aaron was the key to this offense and he could be the key to the same style of offense in the NFL.  If you want to turn your team around fast, make them exciting and cause all kinds of havoc in the NFL, draft Tim Tebow as your QB and Aaron Hernandez TE/FB/H-Back.  Run a Pistol offense and you will hear the media go crazy, the "experts" talk about the offense as a fad and watch the turnstiles fly.  Oh yeah, and you'll win a lot!   


Drew Boylhart  2/10