Amari Spievey  CB  Iowa  


 Round 5



Amari has good size, strength and speed to play his position.  He has solid cover skills and the bulk to be physical.  He could be used in a bump and run coverage defensive system.  Amari is a little long-legged, but has good make-up speed and a burst to run down a player when he makes a mistake.  He has football intelligence and knows how to use the sideline to his advantage.  Amari has solid overall talent to work with and might be able help the team that drafts him in nickel-dime packages until his on field talent matures. 



Amari would be rated higher in this draft if he tackled better.  He is not aggressive coming up to support the run.  In the NFL, if you do not support the run, you will not last long as a starting corner. 



If Amari learns to tackle better, support the run, turn in sweeps and take the correct angle to tackle players who bounce to the outside THEN he can start in the NFL.  It's just that simple.  If he thinks all he has to do is stay with a wide receiver and cover him...he is in for a big surprise.  Here is the problem with a developmental corner who does not want to tackle:  you can't use him on your special teams cover units.  If Amari shows no talent to run back punts or kickoffs, then all you have is a kid who is a decent cover corner.  Unfortunately for Amari, those types of players are a dime a dozen and there is no need to draft Amari at all.  If Amari learns to tackle, he becomes a decent #2 corner.  My problem is that I believe if Amari doesn't tackle at the college level, what makes anyone think he's (all of a sudden) going to become a good tackler at the NFL level?!  Like I said before, unless this kid shows some special teams return talents that I haven't seen, Amari doesn't have anything special to offer, which is a shame because he does have some decent talent.  


Drew Boylhart  3/10