Anthony Davis   OT   Rutgers


 Round 4


Anthony is a big, strong, powerful offensive lineman with excellent potential.  He plays left tackle for his college team.  He has played left tackle for the last two years.  He has taken a lot of snaps.  That's it!  That's all I got. 



He has the talent to play on the right side, but not the left side.  He lacks work ethic, pride, maturity on the field.  In general, Anthony is an underachiever because of his natural talent.  He does not know his blocking assignment when he does a combo block.  In fact, he looks like a top, turning back and forth as opponents run past him to make a tackle.  His coach covers him up on every pass play with a TE or a running back.  I get the impression that Anthony thinks he is a top talent when, in fact, his coach has schemed for his lack of pass blocking ability.  Anthony has not improved from one year to the next. He was better in his sophomore year than he has been as a junior.   He is way too high when he run blocks and exhibits terrible techniques when pass blocking.  Other than these things, I have no problems with him! 



The truth is, Anthony has the talent to be a Pro Bowl right tackle and maybe a solid left tackle.  The other truth is, this kid has a really long way to go before he can achieve being a starting offensive lineman for an NFL team.  He is coming out way too early and is not ready to handle the responsibilities that will be required of him at the next level.  I don't draft potential in the first three rounds unless it is tied to an excellent work ethic.  I don't see that in this case. 

Drew Boylhart  12/09