Anthony McCoy   TE   USC


 Round 2


Anthony McCoy, at this point of the draft, is very underrated.  He is a very good inline run blocker who does a solid job when helping to pass block.  Anthony is a smart player and uses his size against linebackers to help shield their view when run blocking, but continues to move his feet so that he is not off balance.  He has very good straight line speed and shows strong hands to catch the ball.  Anthony is not over- powering when he blocks, but at the same time, is not a finesse blocker.  I would say that he is a smart blocker and uses his opponents' initial to take him away from the play.  Anthony shows mental stamina and looks to be a solid teammate. 



Anthony needs to work on a lot of little things to improve, but most of all, Anthony needs to be more aggressive in his overall play.  He has the ability to become a Antonio Gates type of TE, but he has to be more of a leader by taking more of an initiative in his own play first and not wait to be asked to produce.  Anthony needs to identify what his team needs of him before he hits the field of play -- not after play starts.  He has to work on his route running because he does get his feet tangled at times.  I believe this is because he is thinking too much when running his routes and lacks confidence in his route running.  As Anthony gains more confidence in the pass catching portion of his job, he will become a more aggressive player who will want the ball at those crucial times of a game. 



Anthony has kind of a caregiver mentality on the field.  If he sees a teammate struggling, Anthony will do whatever he can to help that teammate out.  If it's better blocking that you need, he will do it.  If it's catching the ball down the field or running his routes better so that he can get open for that important first down, he will do it.  If a coach walks over to him on the sideline during a game and asks Anthony to lead his teammates and show them the way to a touchdown, he will do it.  Anthony is the type of player that could be drafted in any of the first three rounds of this draft.  He has a calmness to his talent that some teams and coaches will not like.  It will be mistaken for a laid back or maybe even a lazy attitude but, in my opinion, this is a big mistake.  Anthony is a deceivingly talented, smart and strong all around TE who should be ready to break out in a year or two at the next level.  I call him Anthony (Caregiver) McCoy and I'm sure, by now, you've guessed why.   


Drew Boylhart  12/09