Arrelious Benn  WR  Illinois  


 Round 1



Arrelious is a big, strong wide receiver with speed good enough to go deep and the size that will make it very difficult for the cornerbacks in the NFL to tackle him.  He has strong hands that would make it easy for him to catch a Buick if it was thrown his way.  He does an excellent job adjusting to the ball in the air and makes acrobatic plays catching the ball look as easy as a hypnotist on a Las Vegas stage making someone in the crowd cluck like a chicken.  Arrelious does an excellent job using his size to gain advantage over an opponent and will make the tough catch in traffic.  He will hypnotize you into thinking that he is just a possession receiver, but the truth is, with a little work this kid will become a complete receiver similar to a Micheal Irvin (former WR - Dallas Cowboys).  Inside the fifty yard line, this kid goes for the end zone like a heat-seeking missile.  He is a tough runner after the catch and his college team used him in the backfield in goal line situations because he can block and because of his ability to turn the corner and run hard. 



Arrelious is not quick; therefore, if you're looking for a quick fast 4.3 speed receiver, Benn is not your guy.  He is a good blocker, but does need to improve his techniques in this area.  As you can see, I'm nit picking this kid.  Draft him and you will not be sorry.



Don't be foolish -- there is not a team in the NFL that doesn't need this kid.  He is an impact player waiting to happen.  He is football smart, shows leadership skills through his play and looks to be an excellent teammate.  He is strong with good speed and, as I said, will catch a Buick if it is thrown his way.  He is versatile and multi-dimensional.  You can use him anywhere on the field and he will be your top wide receiver.  He reminds me a lot of Jerricho Cotchery (WR Jets) only bigger, stronger and with more bulk and run-after-catch ability.  I call him Arrelious (Heat Seeker) Benn because, inside the 50 yard line, this kid is smelling the end zone and not much is going to stop him. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10