Arthur Jones  DT  Syracuse 


 Round 3



Arthur is a big, strong 2-gap run stuffing defensive tackle.  He has a lot of strength and does a nice job engaging and shedding his man to make a tackle.  He shows good lateral agility and strength to cover and handle the 2 gap responsibilities.  Arthur looks to be a solid teammate and does have some pass rushing abilities; however, his impact for the next level will be in stopping the run.  He should be very good run stuffer.  



Arthur doesn't have that burst off the line and the foot speed that you like to see in a pass rushing defensive tackle.  He can get a push and collapse a pocket, but Arthur's mentality is to engage his man first, put his arms up and make the QB hesitate enough for someone else to get the sack. 



I really feel that Arthur's impact position will be on the nose of the center in a 3-4 defense.  If he adds about twenty pounds of bulk, this kid could become one of the dominating nose tackles in the league in a few years.  His natural ability to stop the run is a big time positive, but his techniques right now (although solid) will need improving.  He has the mindset to be a nose tackle because he is willing to do the grunt work and a defensive tackle in a 3-4 has to be willing to do the grunt work.  Arthur could be a solid DE in a 3-4 if they use a 2-gap system, but because he lacks foot speed, I just think playing on the nose is the best option for Arthur to impact in the future.  Arthur does a good job using his hands to keep offensive linemen off him, but the level of offensive lineman that Arthur has been playing against is not near what it will be at the next level.  Arthur needs a lot more bulk and strength if he is going to compete at the next level and become the defensive lineman his talent suggests that he can become.



Drew Boylhart  3/10