Blair White  WR  Michigan St


 Round 3



Blair is the type of player every team needs to have a successful offense.  He is a tough kid with good speed and hands that will make the tough catch when you need it.  He is very smart, runs excellent routes and handles the bump and run techniques used against him.  Blair is a strong blocker who uses excellent techniques to keep his man from making a tackle.  He shows capable hands to catch the ball in a crowd and can adjust to the ball and make a catch to move the chains.  Blair is an excellent special teams player and that alone is enough to draft him in my book. 



Blair has good speed, but needs to develop more route running savvy as right now, he lacks the quickness to separate from a top corner at the NFL level.  He also needs to learn to run routes at different speeds because he is not as fluid in the hips as you would like to see in a wide receiver.  Right now, he runs every route the same way at top speed without using his intelligence to out-smart and set up a corner.  Blair needs to be in the slot or is a wide receiver that should be set into motion so that he can get off the line quicker.  Using him this way will show his abilities to impact at the next level.  This kid has a little Steve Tasker (former WR/ST Buffalo Bills) in him.  



Blair is smart, intelligent, tough receiver who has good hands, blocks well and is an excellent special teams player.  I just bet he will not be selected in the 1st three rounds of this draft!  He reminds me a lot of Austin Collie who was drafted by the Colts in the 4th round in the 2009 draft.  Blair might not have the quickness that Austin has, but he will be just as good and a better special teams player.  Blair is stuck in a draft that is loaded in wide recievers and he is more of a slot receiver special teams player.  In this draft, that means third day status but don't be fooled at what round Blair will be selected.  He will impact in his first year because I'm sure he will work his way onto the field as a slot receiver.  This will allow him to prove his worth as a potential starting wide receiver (eventually) along with being a fan favorite and a core player for the team that drafts him. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10