Brandon Ghee  CB  Wake Forest


 Round 1


Brandon is a tall, lanky cornerback with excellent athletic talent to play his position at a very high level.  He is a lot stronger than he looks and is a good tackler who likes to come up and support against the run.  He is very smart and shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Brandon has good quickness to go along with excellent make-up speed, which makes him a potential shut down corner for the next level.  He is able to match up against those tall, strong WR's that every team in the NFL has to have to score inside the red zone.  Brandon has good lateral agility and quickness to cover the smaller wide receivers along with being smart and an excellent zone CB.  He could be used as a cover free safety in a nickel-dime package because he is a good tackler and has the speed to cover the field from sideline to sideline as a single safety also.  Brandon is a multi-talented defensive back who could play more than one defensive backfield position and can also be a shut down #1 CB for the team that drafts him.  I call him Brandon (Multi) Ghee  because of his intelligence, football instincts and athletic talent to play more than one back field position.



Brandon is a hard hitter and I would like to see him wrap up more to protect himself from injury.  He has a slim physique and injuries are a concern and, as we all know, if you are always injured, you cannot be a starter.  He must find a way to bulk up without it affecting his speed and quickness.



As I said, Brandon is a multi-talented DB with leadership skills and the ability to shut down those big strong WR's in the red zone.  He is a smart kid and is showing the leadership this year that makes me feel that he is a #1 CB with shut-down ability to play both man to man coverage and zone coverage.  Brandon is a team player who likes to make the big play but, at the same time, waits for that play to come to him.  He plays under control and within the concept of the defense.  This year, he is making the players around him better and showing his leadership skills.  Brandon is the type of player you can build your pass defense around and has the ability to be used like Troy Polamalu for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He has that type of multiple talents if he can stand up to the physical stress of being used in that capacity.  If you don't want to use him that way, you have still drafted a shut down #1 CB.  Either way, you can't lose. 

Drew Boylhart  11/09