Brandon LaFell  WR  LSU


 Round 2


Brandon has the size, strength and athletic talent that all teams are looking for in today's wide receiver.  He is a smart player and understands situational football.  He is a good blocker and Brandon catches just about anything thrown to him.  He has good speed and has long legs for long striding making it tough for the average cornerback to cover him on deep pass routes.  Brandon adjusts well to the ball when it is in the air and will fight for the ball.  He is fearless going over the middle to catch pass or running a deep crossing route.  Brandon looks like he wants to be a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.



Brandon looks like a #1 WR but I'm not sure he will continue to work to become one.  Right now he is a better athlete than most players comes up against.  He also seems to do most of his damage in the slot against slower players like safeties and LBs.  He is clumsy, at times, running at full speed and he does drop the ball... but then again all WRs drop balls.



There is no reason why Brandon should not be a #1 wide receiver.  He has the talent and all he has to do is work hard but something tells me that Brandon has never had to work very hard.  Playing football comes easy to Brandon because heís so talented.  Working hard is foreign to him.   I can't help thinking that Brandon's goals are to be a high draft choice in the up coming draft and make a lot of money.  But what will be his goal after he becomes a high draft pick and signs a big contract?  From watching his play on the field, Iím not sure he has any.  He is another player who seems to understand when to turn it on and off, depending on where the cameras are pointed.  There is a lot of talent at the WR position on the LSU team and I could be reading Brandon wrong, but I just wonder if Brandon has more to give then just talent?  There will be a lot of WRs in this draft with the similar size, strength, speed, and athletic talent as Brandon.  The question is what will make Brandon stand out from those others.  It has to be passion, consistency, mental strength, stamina and team goals. Up to this point, I haven't mention any of those things in this profile because I struggle to see any of those things in Brandonís play.  I see a little of these characteristics when he plays but not enough on every down.  He reminds me of Braylon Edwards, WR of the New Jersey Jets, who thinks he can turn it on and off when ever he wants.  Brandon has first round talent and can impact right away.  The question for me is will he continue to impact every year of his contract?


Drew Boylhart  12/09