Brian Price  DT  UCLA


 Round 1



Brian has excellent athletic ability along with size and strength to play his position.  He could play in a 4-3 defensive front or be a nose guard in a 3-4 defensive front.  He has great lateral agility to shut down an opponent's running game.  He's willing to do the dirty work and funnel plays to his teammates to make the tackles.  Brian shows excellent quickness to rush the passer.  He has good feet as well as balance and can be used in a 1-gap or 2-gap system as a run stuffer or pass rusher.  Brian's ability to be able to play in any style defensive front as a pass rusher or run stuffer makes him worthy of being considered early in the first round. 



Physical stamina is always a concern with players who are as big and as physical as Brian.  Character is also an important consideration for first round draft candidates. Brian will have to have good workouts to convince some people of his talents -- not me, but others.  When I watch Brian play,  I see a player who has a strong personality to go along with his size, strength and versatility.



Brian looks to be a strong willed kid that plays football because it gives him the self-esteem that he needs to be successful.  Some players play for money, some for the adulation of the fans -- Brian plays for respect.  The respect of his peers, the fans, the press, and his coaches.  Money will be a part of that respect, but it will not be everything.  Brian shows leadership skills; just know that if you disrespect him, he will use those leadership skills to lead a team right down the field the wrong way.  This kid has excellent talent and is the type of player you can build your defense around.  He is not a boom or bust player as far as his play on the field.  He is a boom or bust player if you do not respect him or if he has problems with how you coach him.  This could make him very disruptive in the locker room.  He reminds me a lot of Ted Washington, former DT for a number of championship teams.  I believe after Brian works out, there will be teams in the top ten that will be interested in drafting him.  Brian's athletic talents and ability to play in multiple defensive fronts as a pass rusher and run stuffer would be hard for me to pass up if I was a top ten team and needed a multi-talented Defensive Tackle.  They are too hard to find with this type of talent.


Drew Boylhart  1/10