CJ Spiller  RB  Clemson


 Round 1


CJ is a quick, fast RB who has worked hard to improve his athletic talent and leadership skills the last few years.  He is a smart player who understands situation football.  CJ has the strength to run through the tackles but his biggest strength is out in space where he can use his quickness and speed.  He does a good job catching the ball out of the back field and runs with good balance and lean when running between the tackles.  CJ does a good job blocking and picking up the blitz and looks to be an excellent team player and a weapon on special teams.  He has improved his play on the field every year and I believe he will continue to improve his level of play in the NFL.  CJ has the potential to be an impact player because of his work ethic and natural explosive abilities. 



CJ is at a crossroads as far as impacting at the next level as a possible every down player or just a specialty player.  He must learn to catch the ball down the field like a WR consistently and not fumble the ball.  He holds the ball out when he is running in the open, which may keep him off the field if he continues to do it at the next level.   If CJ can stay on the field every down and be moved around the offense from the backfield, to the slot, to the WR position, he becomes a very dangerous weapon that that will be a matchup nightmare. 



CJ could have the same impact in his first year as Chris Johnson had his first year for the Tennessee Titans.  But if CJ does not learn to catch the ball down the field, his impact will dissipate in the following years because every time CJ comes into the game, his opponents will know that he is getting the ball and be able to key on him.  All that being said, CJ is still a 1st round talent because he can impact right away on special teams.   I like this kid a lot because I think he will work on his hands down the field and make himself into an every down player instead of just a specialty player.  He has the talent, work ethic and football intelligence to be something special.  Therefore, if your offense needs a kick in the hindquarters from an impact player who will impact special teams right away and, in the years to come, become a impact every down player, I suggest you draft CJ because he will be just that.  

Drew Boylhart  12/09