Carlos Dunlap  DE  Florida


 Round 1



Carlos is the quintessential size-speed ratio defensive end that the NFL loves.  He has excellent strength and is great defending against the run.  Carlos is very smart and understands his role in the defensive scheme that his college team runs.  He understands situational football and looks to be very coachable.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field and is willing to do the grunt work that allows other teammates to make plays.  Carlos has speed like a linebacker to chase plays down from behind.  I believe that Carlos, after he works out, will show athletic skills better than some of the linebackers in this draft.  Carlos has those long legs and arms that could make him a pass rushing nightmare at the next level.  He has excellent upper body strength and when moved inside on some pass rushing downs, handles a double team as good as any defensive tackle at the college level.  He looks on film to be a strong teammate and gives good effort on every play.  This kid has top ten talent to be a complete strong side defensive end who is as good against the run as he will be as a pass rusher. It's just that simple.



We all know about Carlos being suspended for a game this season.  All I can say is this kid (in his play on the field) shows no questionable character issues.  If there are no other problems that surface, I suggest that drafting Carlos would not be any more of a chance than most other players in this draft.  We all know that in most cases, where there is smoke, there is fire.  However, let's not forget...smoke can be smothered and extinguished before the fire can get started if someone is quick to act.  Maybe that is what happened in this case.  Carlos does need to develop better pass rushing techniques to free himself up.  He lacks a quick twitch burst off the line, but uses his strength and long strides to compensate and get into the backfield and impact.  He will need to learn to use his hands better when rushing the passer, but this should not be a problem.    



I am a big character issue person when it comes to profiling players.  I look for traces on the field of possible character issues by including in my profiles a player's lack of effort on every down, a noticeable lack of improvement from year to year in techniques and whether or not a player continues to give effort when their team is under adverse situations.  I look to see if a player has graduated early because, to me, that shows a possible good work ethic.  That's not all I use to help me give you a profile of a player.   I look the body language of a player and interaction with coaches and teammates on the sidelines and how a player reacts to hard coaching after a bad play.  Using these things to help me profile a player is not fool-proof by any means.  That being said, I just don't see character issues in this kid's play on the field and can only come to the conclusion that off the field, he may have problems that will have to be evaluated and left to the personal evaluation of others.  I trust what I see on the field and I just think this kid is going to be a big time impact player as a strong side defensive end in a 4-3 defense or a 3-4 defensive lineman.   As soon as he learns to use his hands better when he rushes the passer, he is going to be a nightmare to handle.  With the information I have, I would have no concerns in drafting this kid at any point of the first round of this draft.  I call him Carlos (Smoke) Dunlap because where there is smoke, there's fire and on the field, this kid is smoking most opponents with his speed and skill!


Drew Boylhart  1/10