Carlton Mitchell  WR  South Florida  


 Round 7



Carlton has good size and straight line speed to play his position.  He gives a good effort when blocking and looks like he will be a good teammate.  Carlton gives you good effort on every play.  He shows decent hands; unfortunately, Carlton is coming out too early.  He is raw as raw can be.



I don't care how fast this kid is, he does not know how to run routes.  He does not burst off the line or get out of his breaks with quickness.  He lacks consistency when catching the deep ball with someone running right with him.  He is not aggressive when he goes to get the ball. Unless Carlton can give you something on special teams right away, his LTI is way out there...out there...somewhere.  Captain Kirk would have to go to warp speed to find this kid's LTI.  If Mr. Spock did a mind melt, he still might not ever know if this kid is going to be a wide receiver in the NFL.  I think you get my drift. 



Carlton is just coming out way too early from a system that has not taught him very much about running routes and being a complete wide receiver.  This team does not use route running techniques to free up a wide receiver.  They depend on running receivers at one defensive back to cause confusion and free a player up -- very much like a West Coast Offense, but with less learning on the wide receiver's part.  In fact, I believe the receivers are taught not to think, but just to run the routes the way they are set up on paper.  I would call this system the robotic offense.  Patrick Robinson (CB Florida St) was sleep walking against Carlton and shut him down like a door shutting in the face of a salesman selling encyclopedias door to door.  Carlton is long legged, but easily muscled off his routes.  He runs light and with very little balance like a track star.  Carlton's speed is not evident on the field because he does not know how to run routes.  He does not know how to set up a corner back for the big catch and is not tough enough to fight for the ball in the air.  He also does not show very strong hands, which will be a big problem when playing for a cold weather team.  I don't see drafting this kid because he has 4.30 speed in the forty.  I really don't!  I'm sure Carlton can learn to become a complete wide receiver, but how long will it take and how many injuries will slow the process down?  Plus, I don't see an eventual #1 wide receiver here.  I see maybe a number 2 or 3 at best and I do mean at best!


Drew Boylhart  4/10