Chad Jones  S  LSU 


 Round 5



Chad has excellent size to play in the NFL as a safety and might have the size to play weak side linebacker in some defensive systems.  He looks strong and has good straight line speed.  He shows a decent burst to the ball and will come up and support the run when he is forcedto do so.  Chad plays in a two deep zone that sometimes has him playing in a different zip code than the rest of the defense.  I suspect his coaches have a reason for this design in the defense.  



Chad is a very poor tackler.  He spears people with his head, is off balance, gives half-hearted effort and does not wrap up at all when tackling a player.  He lacks any change of direction skills, therefore covering any player man-to-man is out of the question.  He must keep the play in front of him at all times...hence the reason for Chad to play in a different zip code!  Chad shows no leadership skills, lacks instincts and football intelligence.  I guess because of his size, teams might be interested in him -- quite frankly, I don't see any other reason. 



I don't like defensive backs who tackle with their head first.  I will take a less athletic player who uses good fundamentals before I would draft a more talented player who refuses to play with good fundamentals.  Chad is a player with limited talent and very poor fundamentals.  My question is this:  why would you draft him at all unless he gave you something as a special teams player?  You can't use him in a nickel-dime package because he can't cover or tackle.  You can't even start him in a two-deep zone because, once again, he can't cover or tackle.  Your only option is to draft Chad and hope he has some special teams impact; however, remember that he can't tackle and, as a returner, he struggles changing directions.  He doesn't play smart enough to cover up his negatives so you tell me, why was this kid on the field at the college level?  I don't have an answer.  Perhaps I'm wrong, but for me, Chad has not grown football-wise in four years.  That sends a signal to me that this kid's work ethic is lacking.   Maybe he is a good student and if that is the case then you have to take that into consideration but ultimately, for the next level, the thing that will stick with most teams is that Chad can't cover or tackle.


Drew Boylhart  2/10