Charles Scott  RB  LSU 


 Round 3



Charles is a smart running back with excellent straight line power and good balance.  He is a one cut and burst through the hole style of running back who would fit a zone blocking scheme like a hand to a glove.  Charles does a great job blocking and picking up the blitz.  He has very good speed to turn the corner on sweeps.  His quick feet are an asset when he is running inside the red zone.   Charles was the glue that helped keep the chains moving for LSU and, when he left the field, the offense seemed to bog down because it lacked his overall savvy.



In the right system, Charles could impact right away -- but it will have to be in the right system.  I know Charles is an excellent blocker, but I do not know how well he catches the ball out of the backfield.  If he shows proficiency in this area, Charles will be an excellent third down back and a back that will be extremely useful inside the red zone. 



Charles should be a solid change-up running back that could have an excellent career in the NFL.  In my opinion, he'll become a fan favorite and core player for the team that drafts him because of his pass blocking and football intelligence.  All he has to do is prove he has the hands out of the backfield and this kid will go places.  Match him up with a finesse back and use him on third downs; Charles will become very valuable.  Usually, I give a "systems back" like Charles a fourth round grade, but Charles is such a good blocker and has third down back potential that he becomes more valuable in any kind of offensive system and can impact faster than the average systems running back.  I think Charles is a good solid draft choice and if a team like the San Diego Chargers drafted him and teamed him up with a back like Sproles, they would have a good combination and keep the pressure off Sproles to produce on every play. 


Drew Boylhart  2/10