Chris Cook  CB  Virginia  


 Round 4



Chris has those long legs that make it easy for him to cover man-on-man with just about any style of wide receiver in the NFL.  He has excellent overall cover skills and looks to be a solid teammate.  Chris is a tall cover corner and has the athletic ability to cover those fade patterns so many teams use in the red zone to score touchdowns.  He has good body control when going up after the ball and shows decent hands for the interception.  Chris has the height all teams are looking for in their corners to defend against the big receivers and pass catching tight ends and he will be drafted earlier than he should be for that reason and that reason only.   



Chris is not very strong and not very aggressive in his run support.  He shows a tendency to run around blocks and run himself out of tackles.  When trailing a play, he gets there just after a tackle is made.  I don't think you can use him in a bump and run defensive scheme because he lacks upper and lower body strength.  He also gets confused about his assignments in a zone scheme.  That being said, he does have very good man-to-man cover skills.   I know Chris has height and athletic talent to play corner at the next level, but there is no amount of height that will be a substitute for a lack of tackling ability.   



I know Chris will be drafted because of his athletic talent and his size.  I know Chris will be drafted in the first three rounds of this draft also because of these two measurables.  I also know that Chris is going no place fast in the NFL unless he gets more aggressive and learns how to tackle.  I don't care how athletic or tall you are, you have to want to make the tackle and come up and support the run if you want to play at the next level.  For a player with Chris's lack of heart the initials "NFL" stands for "Not For Long".  You can be an excellent cover corner, but if you can't tackle you will be just another player taking up space and waiting for someone to take your place. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10