Ciron Black  OT  LSU


 Round 5



Ciron is a wide load.  He is tall and big and much larger than most (if not all) players he goes up against.  He does an excellent job of leaning on and over the players he is up against when blocking.  In the running game, he can stand straight up and hide a blocking fullback and a running back so that the linemen and linebackers trying to make a tackle cannot even locate them on the field for the first five yards.  That's about all I have to say about Ciron!!!



Ciron is out of shape.  He has not developed his techniques as far as run blocking or pass blocking is concerned.  You can't use him as a guard or a tackle as long as his weight is out of control and he continues to have no knowledge of the techniques that will be needed to be an average offensive lineman for the next level.  At this point, I don't believe he can be used in a pulling system because of the lack of stamina and foot speed.  Ciron does not show the quick feet needed to play in a zone blocking scheme either.  Ciron has some athletic abilities, but they have not been developed.  There is a pro offensive lineman someplace in there somewhere, but right now his size has covered for his lack of development; therefore, I cannot see the pro player yet.      



This is where coaches need to show more in the way of caring about their student athletes with honest assessments of their current readiness for NFL play.  I'm sure that Ciron has some good athletic talent, but to promote and suggest that this kid (just because of his size) is going to be a first round pick in a draft shows the lack of objectivity in some college coaching ranks.  I don't totally blame Ciron.  He is a kid who is being influenced into thinking that he is better than he is.  These coaches are enabling this kid to get by on size by playing him at the Left tackle position.  They are giving him the false sense that he is  up to the task.  The simple truth is that the coaches are not developing this kid as an athlete or as a person.  Ciron, I wish you well and I hope with all of my heart that I am wrong about your ability to be drafted.  The truth is, right now I don't see you being able to play right guard at the next level.  You must lose weight and prove that you can get out of a three point stance first.  Then you will have to learn the techniques needed to be an average guard.  One thing everybody needs to understand when I profile a player for the draft is this:  I will not blow smoke up anyone's hindquarters just because everyone else does.  I hope this profile shocks this kid enough to prove me wrong.  I don't like writing profiles like this.  It bothers me, but I see what I see and I know what is occurring in this kid's situation is just wrong. 


Drew Boylhart  11/09