Colt McCoy  QB  Texas


 Round 1


Colt has good size and athleticism to play his position.  He plays in a spread offense and shows decent arm strength to make all the throws for the next level.  Colt does a good job making plays from the pocket and does an excellent job throwing on the run.  He also shows strength and touch on short and underneath passes.  He is a very smart player and understands situational football.  Colt has a nice compact delivery and seems to feel pressure in the pocket without it affecting his play.  He has improved from year to year and even this year, has improved in confidence and leadership skills over previous years.  He looks to be an excellent teammate and has that "will do anything to win" attitude that he will need to be successful at the next level.  He reminds me a little bit in his demeanor and the way he plays of Phil Simms (former QB, Garden State Giants).  Colt is a perfect fit for the West Coast offense. 



My biggest concern regarding Colt is his lack of confidence to throw deep passes with authority down the field consistently and in critical times of a game.  He seems to settle for dumping the ball off because he loses his techniques when throwing the ball down the field, which causes his ball to lose velocity.  I think he has the arm strength, which means that this is more of a mental problem than a physical problem.  But I fear that, until Colt gains this confidence in his ability to throw the deep ball, there is a big question mark about Colt's ability to be a franchise or starting QB for the next level.  He has improved somewhat in this area this year, but remember at the next level, all negatives are magnified until a player can overcome them.  This problem will break him if he cannot improve significantly and learn to throw the deep ball in critical times of a game without second guessing himself.  Colt will need an excellent coach and a strong team around him until he can overcome this issue or he will not make it as a starting QB in the NFL.   



In spite of what I have just told you, Colt has first round talent and, in the right offense, he will be a very good QB for the team that drafts him.  If you take him in the top ten and rush him on the field, I think this problem of throwing the ball down the field in critical times of a game will rear its ugly head.  A good team needs to draft this kid and bring him along slowly.  If Colt is thrown on the field he will have success at first because of his intelligence and athleticism but after a while he will hit a wall if this mental portion of his game is not addresses.  I feel that Colt will be an excellent WCO QB because he likes the short throws and will only look for the deep ball if players are wide open.  Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy both work the same style of college offense and have similar athletic talents.  Tim is bigger and shows a much stronger arm than Colt, but has a longer release and will fit a play action down the field offensive system where Colt will fit the more controlled short-pass happy WCO.  The big difference between Colt and Tim is that Tim Tebow demands (through his play on the field) that the players around him play up to their abilities on every snap.  Tim figures out during the game who is playing well and uses that player on as many plays as he can to accomplish winning the game.  It's just a different style, but both get the job done.  The difference in drafting these two QB's is what offensive system your team is using right now or what offensive system they plan on using in the future.  Both players should be excellent QB's for the next level.   I call him Colt (The Surgeon) McCoy because in the right offense, Colt could be cutting and knifing through a defense like a doctor operating on patient.   

Drew Boylhart  11/09