Corey Wootton  DE  Northwestern


 Round 2


Corey is a big, strong, quick defensive end who shows a passion to rush the passer.  He uses mature pass rushing techniques to attack the QB.  He has long legs and arms; he shows good balance and foot speed to run down players from behind.  When he uses a spin move, he knows enough to continue to push his shoulder into his opponent to gain an advantage.  Corey is a very smart pass rusher.  He is also big enough and strong enough to move him inside against the slower guards in long pass rushing situations.  With the right defensive line at the next level, Corey will become a force as a pure pass rusher. 



Corey is a one dimensional defensive end.  He does not show the same enthusiasm in stopping the run as he does in rushing the passer.  He has the abilities, but just doesn't like to do the little things in the trenches that will help him to stop the run consistently.  Right now, I see a pretty boy who doesn't like to sweat and do the grunt work to be a complete defensive end.  If he did, Corey would be a top ten pick in this draft and the talk of this draft. 



Corey reminds me a lot of Mark Gastineau (former DE New York Jets), drafted in the 2nd round of the 1979 draft before they became the New Jersey Jets.  Mark was a pretty boy who came into the league as a pure pass rusher with an excellent burst off the line few in the league had ever seen.  Corey is not anywhere near explosive off the line, but he is smart enough and strong enough to cause the same type of havoc that Mark did in his day.  Mark Gastineau, who, because of players like defensive tackle Joe Klecko, learned to be better against the run and became more of a complete defensive end towards the end of his career.  During a game, if Mark was not holding up his end against the run, Joe would walk over to him and mention that he would push Mark's face into a toilet at half time if he did not start to play the run.  Needless to say, Mark stepped up his play and, once he learned to stop the run, Mark showed his real talents.  I hope Corey will be drafted on a team with players who will tell him point blank to start playing the run.  He has the talent and he knows how to do it.  But unfortunately, at this point. he just does not show the passion.  Corey could easily be a 1st round pick in this draft.  But because he is one dimensional right now, his ability to impact as an every down defensive end will be in jeopardy unless he can stay on the field and defend the run as well as he rushes the passer.  This kid has Pro Bowl talent if he wants to show it.  I like this kid's potential; however, for me, his LTI grade is longer because he has the abilities to be a complete DE but not the passion.  I call him Corey (Pretty Boy) Wootton.  If someone can light a fire under this kid's hindquarters, he could be the best DE in this draft. 

Drew Boylhart  11/09