Demaryius Thomas   WR   Georgia Tech 


 Round 1



Demaryius is another one of those big, strong, long-striding wide receivers with excellent hands.  He is a match-up nightmare all over the field.  He has strong hands and will fight for the ball when it is in the air.  Demaryius runs good routes and gains separation with his long strides.  Demaryius is a hunter.  He hunts the ball when it is in the air.  He is the type of receiver that, once he sees the ball in the air, he finds a way to separate and come away with the catch.  Demaryius is also the type of receiver that when you think he is covered, you throw the ball to him anyway because he will separate once the ball is in the air.  Demaryius reminds me a lot of Marques Colston (WR New Orleans Saints). 



Demaryius is used by his college team mostly as a slot receiver, so he is matched up against safeties most of the time and is faster than most of his opponents at the college level.  He is a long strider and does not have the quickness to separate from most corners, but it doesn't matter because he has the size to make it hard for a smaller corner to tackle.  He is not a great blocker, but does give good effort. 



Demaryius plays with a chip on his shoulder.  You can see the determination to catch the ball and continue on to gain yardage on every play.  As I said before, he hunts the ball when it is in the air.  I'm not sure a QB can overthrow this kid.  He has such long strides that once the ball is in the air, no matter how long the ball looks or how far the ball is thrown, in two or three strides, Demaryius will go and get it.  When he runs at the combine (unless a ball is in the air), I don't think you will get a good read on this kid's speed.  I'm not suggesting that Demaryius will run a 4.30 sp in the forty, but I am suggesting that he's a lot faster than most people think and timing him in 40 yds is not going to tell you the whole story.  He is a smart player, plays with a lot of pride and wants to be the primary receiver.  He doesn't care where he is lined up on the field.  He plays with the attitude that he is going to run his route and catch the ball and opponents are not going to stop him. Most teams will downgrade Demaryius because he plays in the slot.  They will suggest that he is raw and doesn't run all the routes and still has a lot to learn about the wide receiver position.  Don't believe it!  Draft Demaryius and use him the same way his college team used him and he will impact the day after you draft him.  People in this draft are insisting that a wide receiver who was suspended is the best receiver in this draft and you must draft him first.  I'm suggesting to you, not so fast.  There are too many receivers in this draft who will be just as impacting  and if a team needs a #1 receiver don't think there is only one choice.  There are at least four or five (and a few more that I haven't seen yet) and they haven't been suspended. 


Drew Boylhart  2/10