Dennis Pitta  TE  BYU 


 Round 5



Dennis has good size and solid speed to play his position.  He has those long strides that allow him to cover ground quickly, gaining separation from the smaller striding linebackers and making it difficult for them to keep up with him in single coverage.  Dennis has good hands and runs nice routes.  He is a dependable offensive weapon that most QB's will love to throw to on third and short or third and long.  Dennis has some potential to be a solid tight end for the team that drafts him. 



Dennis is not a very good blocker.  He just shoves his opponent.  By that I mean he shoves his opponent like he is in a bar fight, but he does not block his opponent.  He uses his arms to push a player and does not bring his lower body into play when blocking.  This results in him on the ground, not finishing his blocks and in general, losing containment of his opponent.  I have to say this, Dennis does a good job shoving; unfortunately for Dennis, shoving is not blocking. 



Dennis gets away with shoving because he is bigger than most of his opponents on the college level, but that will not do in the NFL.  This shoving routine that Dennis uses instead of blocking affects his ability to be an inline blocker and to be used as a TE/HB blocker.  It impacts his ability to be used as more than a situational player.  It also influences a team's ability to use him also as a special teams player.  It affects everything for a tight end.  If you're thinking that Dennis might have enough talent to switch him to the wide receiver position, I don't think that is going to happen.  Dennis is not quick off the line and will not get separation.  He is big enough to wall off a smaller defender, but I do not see the overall aggressiveness in his play to suggest that he is going to fight for a ball in the air to the extent that he would need to and  gain the advantage over his opponent.  Dennis has to become a better blocker if he wants to become an NFL tight end.  It's just that simple.  Dennis doesn't have the outstanding athletic talent to be considered just as just a pass catching tight end, slot receiver or H-back.  He can become a solid NFL tight end if he learns to block better.  Learning to block along with his natural ability to catch the ball could eventually make Dennis a Jason Witten style of tight end, but Dennis has a long road to travel to get to that place.  


Drew Boylhart  3/10