Dexter McCluster  WR/ST  Mississippi


 Round 1



Dexter is the type of player who adds something special to your offense.  He is quick, fast and stronger than he looks.  He is a multi-talented player who does not need to be on the field all the time to impact in a game.  He is very smart and, for his college team, has lined up as a tailback, wide receiver, slot receiver and has even thrown the ball for a touchdown in the wildcat offense.  Dexter has very good hands to catch the ball down the field and is fearless going over the middle.  He might be one of the best pure tailbacks in this draft as far as natural abilities.  Dexter is one of the few RB's in this draft that understands how to set up blocks and has vision in the hole when he runs through the tackles.  He is an explosive special teams returner who can turn a game around and give your team the momentum change your team will need to win as quick as you can blink your eyes and say, "Hand me another beer, honey."   I call him Dexter (The Magician) McCluster because once the ball is in his hands his reminds me of that old magician's expression, "Now you see him, now you don't." 



The biggest concern for Dexter at the next level is injuries.  Dexter does not have the frame that will allow him to bulk up and take the pounding he will receive in the NFL.  He does everything well because of his pure athletic talent.  He has lined up at so many different positions that he has not really learned and mastered the intricacies of just one position.  Right now his best position (and natural position) is tailback, but he does not have the bulk to be a franchise RB for the team that drafts him.  Learning a new position should not be a problem for Dexter, but his size could be. 



Now I know Dexter will not be drafted in the first round, but he has first round talent to impact and change a game just like a 1st round player should have.  He can do it on special teams or as a slot receiver and he doesn't need to be on the field for a whole lot of plays to accomplish this.  He is so smart and so talented that he will impact and play the day after you draft him.  That's what the draft is all about -- drafting players who can impact in some capacity right away.  You go ahead and draft potential, that's all right in some situations.  Playoff teams should draft potential.  Teams that have not made the playoffs need to draft the players with the quickest LTI.  Dexter is a specialty player who can impact your team in a special way.  That to me is worth a high draft choice regardless of the injury factor.  This is the type of player that a bad team needs to turn it around and make it competitive.  He can win some games for you like Devin Hester did for the Bears before he decided to ruin his career by insisting he had to become a WR all the time.  Devin was an impact player his first few years in the league.  Now he is just an average WR.  Dexter has the talent to be an impact specialty player because he is so fast and quick.  Dexter is the type of player that when a ball is thrown to him or is kicked to him, coaches and players on both sides of the field will stop what they are doing and become a fan.  For you old guys out there think "Billy (White Shoes) Johnson" -- he was the first "Now you see him, now you don't" player and a big time impact player.   Dexter may not be the second either, but he's definitely one of them.


Drew Boylhart  11/09