Dez Bryant  WR  Oklahoma St


 Round 1



Dez is a big, powerful Wide Receiver who has excellent speed and quickness.  He does a very good job blocking and doesn't seem to take any downs off.  He shows strong hands to go up and get the ball on the numerous "throw up routes" that his college team seems to favor for all of their receivers.  Dez, on the field, has that "I want to be the best player on the field" attitude that will do him well at the next level.  As a Sophomore, he was much bigger than most, if not all, corners he went up against.  He is a very good special teams returner because of his quickness and the ability to get up to full speed with very long strides quickly.  When he makes his cuts, he is very compact which makes his ability to get away from a defender that much harder to deal with because once he comes out of his cuts, his long stride gives him excellent separation.  Dez is a strong runner.  He takes a hit, holds onto the ball and keeps his legs moving until he is down to the ground.  This makes him a wide receiver that can move the chains and go deep at the next level.  All of this makes Dez very difficult to defend against. 



From what I can see from his sophomore year, Dez runs one route and runs that route very well.  He runs at full speed, stops, jumps in the air and catches the ball.  I'm pretty sure this kid thinks a route tree is something you go into the woods and cut down.  I have not seen any consistency in his ability to run a route at full speed and catch a ball while his feet are moving.  All of his routes that I see are stop, curl, jump, out muscle, catch the ball.  At this point, I question his hands and his ability to be consistent catching the ball off every route in the receiver tree.  I suspect his future workout will be strategically set up to mask this little problem. 



I had to go back to last year (2008) to get a real fix on this kid's true abilities.  I watched the Oklahoma St vs. Washington St game and I saw one route thrown to Dez that looked like a deep crossing route.  Unfortunately, Dez did not catch the ball that would have gone for a touchdown.  He either does not have the hands or he did not look the ball into his hands.  Every pass from that point on was a pass that he could stop his feet and catch the ball.  He reminded me a lot of Braylon Edwards (WR Jets) and Terrell Owens (WR Bills).  In spite of that, I do think that Dez wants to learn and be the best and, although he may be motivated by money, he is motivated to be the best that he can be.  I can see a team drafting Dez early in the first round, but until he can prove to me that he can catch the ball while moving his feet at the same time under game conditions, there are other wide receivers in this draft that could have just as much impact for the team that drafts them as Dez.  He looks to be a hard worker and will impact on special teams, but that does make him a first round pick in my book.  As far as his off field situation...he did nothing violent, or drug related or any domestic violence so I suggest you evaluate him as a kid that got caught up into something he did not think was going to be a problem.  If his workouts are really good, then by his attitude and team play on the field, he should move up and be considered higher than I suggest.  I'll leave it up to you. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10