Dezmon Briscoe  WR  Kansas 


 Round 2



Dezmon has the size, strength and speed to become an impact wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  He has excellent quickness and shows very good hands when catching the ball in stride.  Dezmon is an aggressive type of receiver who will fight for the ball in the air and likes to be counted on to make the big play.  He is an excellent blocker; to me, that is a big part of being a good wide receiver for the next level.  Dezmon is the type of player who might have more of an impact at the NFL level than he's had at the college level.   



Dezmon has the speed and quickness to run excellent routes, but someone is going to have to teach this kid that running routes is not all about speed and quickness.  Right now, Dezmon's overall talents are much further along than most anyone he competes against.  He is not patient when running his routes.  He is so quick that he does not give the defender enough time to react to his fakes and runs himself right back into the coverage.  I don't think he realizes that he has to slow his routes down, learn to change gears and read defense better.  He has to learn to run routes with intelligence and not just with athletic talent.  



I don't doubt for one minute that as soon as Dezmon gets with a good wide receiver coach that he will learn the little nuances of running routes and will become a #1 wide receiver for the team that drafts him.  Until now, Dezmon has accomplished everything because he is just a better athlete then most other players he plays against.  I know this kid is faster than he looks on the field and will surprise a lot of people at workouts.  Dezmon looks like he has an excellent work ethic, but he has a tendency to be as fast as he needs to be and truly hasn't really turned it on yet.  He is so quick in and out of his routes that using his speed just hasn't been needed.  I'm not sure his QB has a strong enough arm to get him the ball if the kid went full speed on a fly pattern.  Dezmon (on the field) reminds me of Plaxico Burress with a good work ethic.  After this kid works out, he could easily be drafted in the first round but he still will have to learn to run better routes if he wants to be better then Plaxico.  I have no doubt that he will.

Drew Boylhart  2/10