Dominique Franks  CB  Oklahoma 


 Round 4



Dominique is a smooth, well-built cornerback with excellent size and athletic talent to play his position.  He shows good quickness and has the skills that you look for in a corner to be able to cover just about any size wide receiver.  He shows very good hands to make the interception as well as the ability to take the ball back all the way after an interception.  Dominique has solid special team talent and should be able to help the team that drafts him on special teams the day after you draft him.  All of that being said, there are some big time holes in Dominique's overall game.



Dominique plays off the line of scrimmage about ten to twelve yards against every opponent.  This is mostly because that is the style of defense, but it can mean that coaches have some big questions about Dominique's ability to cover before the pass rush gets to the QB.  Dominique also is not a very good tackler.  He does the job, but his techniques are terrible and will be magnified at the next level.  He is not aggressive in his play on the field and  does not come up to support the run.



Dominique is an excellent athlete playing in a defense that prevents him from being the corner his talents suggest that he can be.  I know this kid has talent; he's smooth in his stride and ability to stay with a player.  However, my guess is that he is so raw in techniques to match up man-to-man that the coaches don't trust him to stay with his man and not look into the backfield to jump a route and look for the big play.  It takes more than athletic talent to play in the NFL...especially for a corner.  I don't care how athletically talented you are -- if you choose not to learn how to tackle, you will not be successful at the NFL level.  Add to that a lack of overall techniques and you have a player who is way behind the learning curve to be successful at the next level or, as I always say, has a long LTI (length to impact).  Athletic talent alone will not make up this learning curve.  I suspect for Dominique it will come down to work ethic and character.  It looks to me that because Dominique has so much talent, he never had to develop any work habits.  That sends a signal to me that he lacks the true character and maturity to understand what is going to be required of him at the next level.


Drew Boylhart  2/10