Donald Butler  LB  Washington 


 Round 7



Donald has some very good athletic talent to be a solid cover linebacker in the passing game.  He does a nice job dropping into coverage when playing zone coverage and looks to have some solid man-to-man coverage skills.  Donald does well when attending to his assignments on the field.  He understands what is required of him when a defensive play is called and seems to understand where to line up to keep himself in good position to make a play.



The truth is that an old lady with a walker could block Donald when it comes to blocking him in the running game.  He is a drag down, catch a player on the angle tackler and never attacks the line of scrimmage on any running play.  He seems to know what play is coming at him and doesn't take very many false steps so all I can tell you is that Donald either does not want to get hurt or he doesn't like contact.



The truth is that I wasn't going to do a profile on this kid because I'm surprised he is listed in the top 200 of this draft.  Then he went to the combine and worked out and everyone started to suggest otherwise.  So I put on the film and guess what?  I was right  -- Donald should not be listed in the top 200.  I guess he has the athletic talent to be a better player as a pro than he shows me on the college level, but all I can say to that is ask him into camp as a rookie free agent to prove it.  I watched Donald against USC and Idaho.  He made one tackle and that was because he was blocked into the running back.  As Mike (turnstile) Iupati was trying to block and being called for holding numerous times on the other side of the ball, Donald was watching a pretty good game as his teammates all around him were trying to make tackles. Donald looks like he is a pretty nice kid and I know this profile is a little harsh, but suggesting to Donald that he may have a career in the NFL is really cruel.  Unless he can play better then he has at the college level with more effort, aggressiveness, heart and use much better techniques when being blocked in the running game, Donald will struggle to stay at the NFL level even as a special teams player. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10