Dorin Dickerson  TE/WR  Pittsburgh 


 Round 4



Dorin has great athleticism to play at the next level.  He is a match-up nightmare as a pass catching Tight End or as a Slot Receiver.  He is a specialty player who shows good hands and has some decent run after the catch ability.  Dorin has long strides that help him to break tackles and allows him to cover a lot of ground really fast to gain good separation.  Dorin has the athletic ability to be a lot better than he is right now and has not begun to scratch the surface of his talent.  For me, personally, I have to wonder why?



There is a tremendous amount of immaturity in Dorin's play on the field.  He has never improved his blocking skills and, unless he takes an interest, he is not a good enough blocker for the WR position.  His athletic talent is way ahead of the effort he puts into becoming a better player.  He does not show good instincts and his route running is based solely on his athletic ability and is very immature.  Because of Dorin's athletic ability, he has not had to develop the important work ethic skill needed for the next level.  Right now, Dorin is an excellent athlete playing the game of football who has not improved from one year to the next.



Most everyone is going to tell you that this type of talent does not come along very often and will draft Dorin higher than he should be drafted.  Dorin has excellent athletic talent and shows the ability to impact at the next level.  The questions for me are the same old questions I ask whenever a player with this type of talent catches a lot of attention late in the draft process.  Why are we just hearing about him now?  How did he play during the season and has he improved from one year to the next?  There are legitimate answers to these questions such as, "the QB was not good", "coaching change" or something similar, but the truth is Dorin himself has not improved in the little things that would make him better from year to year.  He does not give very good effort on every play.  His decent games are against weaker teams, which sends a signal that he does not work hard enough against adversity.  He is not aggressive when he blocks and doesn't use proper techniques.  I could go on, but I think you get my drift.  Dorin had his chance in college as an every down player to become the impact player his talents suggest that he could become and he has chosen not to.  He's decided that he is good enough and learning his craft was just not interesting enough to him.  So now he wants a ton of money as a reward.  I would draft him after the first three rounds; however, as far as expecting him to become more than a specialty player...I'm not sure that is going to happen.  If it does, then so be it.  There are other players in this draft whose work ethic I would rather invest my money in than Dorin in the first three rounds.  But that's just me, watching film all college season long and giving you my opinion. 


Drew Boylhart  2/10