Ed Dickson  TE/WR  Oregon 


 Round 3



Ed has good size and an excellent burst and quickness off the line of scrimmage.  He is a solid open field blocker and has good hands on the short and intermediate routes.  He is very athletic, smart and plays with a lot of pride.  He does a lot of blocking for his college team, but when he catches the ball, his run after the catch ability really stands out.  Ed has strong hands and will fight for the ball.  He has the athleticism of a wide receiver when he adjust to the ball in the air.  Ed plays in a spread offense and lines up all over the field in every receiver position there is in a spread offense.  He reminds me a lot of Shannon Sharpe (former TE/slot receiver - Baltimore Ravens).  He has that kind of talent. 



Ed is listed as a tight end, but the truth is that he is more of a slot receiver then a tight end.  I'm not sure how well he can catch the ball deep because his team did not use him that way.  He has the speed, but I'm not sure about the hands.  My guess is this is not a problem but will have to be checked out in the combine or workouts.  He doesn't run very good routes because he was used mostly as an open field blocker and intermediate route receiver.  I would guess this was because the offensive line was young.



I believe that in the red zone, Ed will be a touchdown making machine.  He can line up anywhere you want him to and he has the speed, quickness, size and aggressiveness to be outstanding and a big time receiver friend of a young QB and offensive coordinator.  When he lines up outside the hash marks, he reminds me a lot of Terrell Owens (WR for, well, whomever) in the way he blocks.  That's a good thing because Terrell is one of the better blocking wide receivers in the NFL.  If Ed shows teams that he can catch the ball down the field then this kid could be something special.  He has to be drafted by a team that will use him correctly and not try to make him an inline blocking tight end.  A team that uses a spread offense would be a good fit or a team that relies and needs a good slot receiver/tight end.   Ed will take a few years to learn to run better routes and prove he can catch the deep ball down the slot, but when he proves all of this he will become a weapon to be accounted for in all passing down situations. 



Drew Boylhart  3/10