Eric Decker  WR  Minnesota


 Round 1



Eric is a big, powerful receiver with excellent run after the catch abilities.  He runs great routes and is a leader on the field.  He understands situational football and knows how to help out his QB when a play breaks down.  He is a top receiver because of his strong hands and intelligence.  Eric understands the big picture and what the offense is trying to accomplish on each play. He has good speed and gains separation with his quickness.  Eric is a #1 WR and I call him Eric (Swine Flu) Decker because he catches everything thrown at him except the swine flu.



Eric needs to rehab from his untimely injury.  If he does and everything is all right, you will be drafting a #1 WR around which to build your passing game.



As I said before, Eric is a #1 WR -- the kind you build your passing game around and, because of his injury, he will fall in this draft and I suspect be drafted by a team who has made the playoffs.  You wonder why the same teams year after year make the playoffs?  I'll tell you why...they draft players like Eric while other teams are looking for the flashy 4.3 speed players who are not mature and are not of good character.  It really is that simple.  Anyone who has watched Eric play can just imagine him on the same field with Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees and making an immediate impact.  If you had a chance to watch Eric before his injury I know you can understand what I am suggesting.  If I were a GM of a team during the draft, I would be hog calling Swine Flu Decker until he came right to my NFL home.


Drew Boylhart  11/09