Eric Norwood  LB  South Carolina 


 Round 6



Eric has good athletic talent and bulk to be a linebacker at the next level for the team that drafts him.  He shows a good burst to the ball once he decides in what direction he wants to go.  He has the flexibility to play man-to-man coverage, looks to be smart and understands his assignments.  Eric has played a lot of downs as a linebacker for his college team. 



Eric doesn't show the instincts to be an NFL caliber linebacker at this point of his career.  He is not a good tackler and uses very poor techniques and half hearted effort when he tackles in the open field.  Eric has been moved around and right now has no clue about taking the right angles to make a tackle.  He does not attack the line of scrimmage and is not a "meet and greet in the hole" style of linebacker who takes on a block, controls his opponent and sheds and makes a tackle.  Eric is not a bad pass rusher off the end in a three point stance, but his size will limit his ability to be used in that fashion at the next level. 



I'm not sure Eric wants to play at the next level.  He seems to be very satisfied with his college football career as it is.  Nothing is wrong with understanding what you truly want to do in life and, to be honest, I think Eric realizes that he doesn't have the hunger needed for him to succeed at the next level other than maybe as a special teams player if he can figured out how to tackle in the open field.  Eric does have talent as a situational pass rusher, but even that is a reach because his speed and quickness is good in this area, but it is not something special for the NFL level.  Unless Eric can grow a set, he will struggle at the next level to make a team as a back up.  If Eric decides to become more aggressive and learn the linebacker techniques that have eluded him up to this point, then he good become a solid linebacker for the team that drafts him.    

Drew Boylhart  3/10