Gerald McCoy  DT  Oklahoma 


 Round 1



Gerald is a quick, fast defensive tackle who shows excellent one-gap attack abilities.  He is one of the best pure pass-rushing defensive tackles that I have seen in the draft in a long time.  He does a great job using his hands and is very quick off the line in a three point stance.  Gerald is the type of defensive tackle that will be a disruptive force when defending against the run.  He gets into the backfield quickly and will disrupt blocking assignments of the offensive linemen.  In fact, he's in the backfield so early in the play that he could take the hand-off from the QB.  Gerald has very intimidating quickness and will have to be accounted for on every play by any offensive coordinator because of his ability to get into the backfield.  He reminds me a lot of Warren Sapp (former DT for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders).  



Gerald does not have the lateral agility, size and upper body strength to be a 2-gap, stuff-the-run type of defensive tackle in a 4-3.  He is strictly a 1-gap attack defensive lineman. 



Let me ask you this question.  Where would you draft Warren Sapp knowing now what you know about his ability to impact at the NFL level? That is your answer for where you would be drafting Gerald McCoy.  It's just that simple.  Gerald has cat-like quickness and, although he is not a complete style of defensive tackle that can stuff and shed and make a tackle in a 2-gap defense, you can't deny his obvious talents.  So draft him and COACH BETTER!  Sometimes we over-think things.  This kid will be an impact player, so draft him and move to the next pick.  Don't nit pick...just do it!


Drew Boylhart  1/10