Golden Tate  WR  Notre Dame


 Round 1


Golden has good size, and strength while still being fast and quick enough to play his position at a very high level for the team that drafts him.  What makes Golden a top wide receiver in this draft is his football intelligence, route running and passion for the game.  He is a faster version of Hines Ward, WR for the Pittsburg Steelers.  He is one of the toughest wide receivers in this draft and his ability to adjust to the ball and make acrobatic catches is most remarkable.  Golden is a #1 wide receiver in waiting because he needs the ball in the most crucial times of a game.  He wants to make the big play because for him, it's all about winning.  He is a very mature route runner and has the hands that could catch water.  He understands how to set up his opponent to make the big play.  He is fearless going over the middle and his after-the-catch skills make him difficult to tackle before he gains the needed yards on third downs.  I call him Golden (Wheels) Tate because he has the speed and quickness to go along with his great hands, toughness and intelligence to play at a pro bowl level.



All he needs is a good QB to throw the ball in his area and he will do all the rest.



Like I said. Golden plays the game with the same passion as Hines Ward.  The difference is that Golden might be faster than Hines but both receivers play the game the same way.  Golden has a toughness to his game that comes from being a team player and understanding that if he doesn't make the next catch then he has failed his team; and that troubles him more then anything else.   You can see it in his play on the field.  When he breaks from a huddle his body says, ‘Throw it to me please.  I swear I will not let you down.’  There are some really good receivers in this draft and a few of them are going to get lost in the shuffle and drafted lower then they should be drafted.  Golden could be one of them because he is not as big as some of the others, but the truth is he is one of the best in this draft.  Golden (Wheels) Tate: I don't know about you but I think that name fits him just fine.    


Drew Boylhart  12/09