Jahvid Best  RB  California


 Round 1


Jahvid is an excellent, technically sound running back who understands how to set up his blocks and use his talents to his advantage.  He has good size and strength and is one of the few running backs in this draft that shows both vision in the hole and the cutting ability to make players miss him between the tackles.  He has the speed to turn the corner and the ability to catch the ball down the field like a wide receiver.  Jahvid is the type of player that can break the big play at any time in a game.  He has special teams return ability that could scare a ghost haunting a house into leaving.  Jahvid looks to be an excellent teammate and his overall running skills are one of the best in this draft.  He reminds me a lot of Darren Sproles (RB San Diego Chargers) and, if used in the same way, should have immediate impact for the team that drafts him. 



We all know about the injuries that Jahvid has incurred this year.  He must come back from those injuries (mentally & physically) before anyone is going to draft Jahvid as high as he should have been drafted before his injuries.  Also, Jahvid has to learn that not every play needs to be the play of the game.  Jahvid has leaped into the air on more than one occasion; a little trick that must end if he wants to play at the next level.  Jahvid is a smart player and I think he wants to prove to himself that he can come back and be the impact player once again.  It might take some time.  The truth is, it's the mental part I worry about him coming back from more than the physical.



This is a no brainer if this kid can come back from his injuries.  I'm sure he will not be drafted in the first round because of his injuries, but I don't have to worry about those issues when I profile a player.  He has 1st round talent and where he is drafted does not change that.  He has the ability to impact right away as a third round back and special teams player.  If he bulks up a little, he could be as good as Ray Rice has been for the Baltimore Ravens.  Jahvid runs between the tackles the same way Ray Rice does -- with vision, strength and lightning-quick cutting ability.  When Ray Rice came out, I listed him as one of my personal top ten picks.  You will not believe all the draftniks that came out of the woodwork to question that choice.  They forgot that I have this ability to understand how talent on the college level will fit into the NFL level.  Before Jahvid got injured, I was ready to list him in this draft as one of my personal top ten picks.  The injuries (because of the seriousness of them) does make me hesitate, but make no mistake about it:  Jahvid has top ten talent.  It is a shame that this kid cannot go to the Senior Bowl to prove it.  Right now, you have to look for him going in the first three rounds; however, his workouts will have more bearing on this, of course.  What will also determine when he gets drafted is how long a team can wait for him to become productive on the field because of the seriousness of his injuries.  Look for a playoff team to draft this kid because they can go slow and let this kid heal mentally before he has to produce physically.  I call him Jahvid (The Ghost) Best because on the field he plays like a ghost.  Now you see him, now you don't.  I just hope he isn't the Ghost that never gets back on the field and he disappears forever.  That will haunt him because, at worst, he is a Darren Sproles clone with the ability in the future to play like Ray Rice.  That's a damn good football player...now there's a scary thought!

Drew Boylhart  1/10