Jared Odrick  DT  Penn St


 Round 3



Jared has good size to play his position.  He shows potential athletic talent and seems to give good effort on every play.  Jared has the respect of his opponents and is often double teamed.  In the running game, offenses will run to the opposite side of the field of where he lines up.  Jared's size and athletic ability make him a candidate to be a solid Defensive Lineman for the next level. 



Jared doesn't use his hands at all and is easily handled one-on-one by the better guards at the college level right now.  When he shoots the gap and gets into the backfield, he is often off-balance and struggles to make a tackle.  He can be a disrupter in a one-gap system, but he seems to lack the true lateral agility to be a consistent run stuffer at this point of his career.  When defending in the goal line situations and short yardage situations, Jared just throws a shoulder into his defender and pushes.  His techniques are poor, and for a senior coming out with his overall talent, it is shocking and smacks of a lack of work ethic. 



It's just this simple:  Jared is overrated.  It's quite surprising to me that he is even being considered as a possible first round pick in this draft.  He has talent and could be a good defensive tackle in the future (if he works really hard).  However, he is by no means an impact defensive tackle for the next level.  Just because you show up and make a play every once in a while in a big game doesn't make you an impact player for the next level, at least not in my book.  I don't draft potential solid defensive tackles in the first round just because they have excellent size, solid workout numbers and look good in their underwear.  Personally, that crap doesn't impress me unless you are producing on the field and, at the college level, Jared has just been "OK" on the field -- unfortunately, certainly not enough to convince me to spend first round money on him.

Drew Boylhart  1/10