Jared Veldheer  OL  Hillsdale  


 Round 5



Jared has excellent size, agility and strength to play the offensive line position at the next level.  He shows good athletic ability to block on the move and could be used in a pulling offensive line system.  He also does a nice job going to the second level to block a linebacker.  Jared is strong when blocking for the run and staying with his blocks until he hears the whistle.  He seems to like to run block at this stage of his career more than he likes to pass block.  In the three games of film that I have of Jared, he improved dramatically.  His pass blocking became more aggressive and, in general, he seems to be more confident in his assignments and overall play.  Jared is a project at this point and he looks to be a potential right tackle for the next level, but just might develop into a systems left tackle for the right team. 



Jared's techniques when he is pass blocking are very poor at this stage of his career.  He struggles with quick players at the level he is playing now and at the next level, as you know, Jared will face quicker and bigger opponents.  Jared is up too high when he pass blocks and can be bull rushed back into the back field at this level of play.  He does not use his hands very well at all.  When he run blocks, he drops his head and is off balance. He improved as the year went on because he started to use more of his athletic talent and worry less about techniques.  Currently, he does a lot of little things that will give away his blocking assignment; this will have to be addressed at the next level.  He lacks consistency, but that is to be expected.  He does step up to a challenge, which is very good.  As I said, this kid is a project until all the little things he does wrong are corrected or they will be magnified at the next level.  The biggest question is, does Jared have the mental stamina to correct them to become the player his athletic talents suggest that he should become?  I can't answer that.  That will have to be answered by the teams that draft him and Jared.  



Jared is a challenge, but there's got to be a coach who would like to mold him into a great offensive lineman then be credited with being a great coach.  You can make a name for yourself drafting a kid with this much size and athletic talent.  But you'll truly earn the name if Jared becomes a left tackle at the next level.  I like the fact that Jared improved during the season, but he did not improve using better techniques; he improved by using more of his athletic talent.  You can see the kid has talent, but it is a very big jump up to the NFL and the question is, does Jared have the intangibles and work ethic to work harder than he ever has before in order to become a better player.  Remember, everyone has talent equal to Jared at the NFL level.  If Jared struggles at this level, what makes you think those struggles will not follow him to the next level?  This is a kid that does a good job at the level he's at right now, but he does not dominate.  He also does not show leadership skills and he struggles with his techniques against quicker players.  For example, even with his size-strength-speed ratio, he's getting bull-rushed.  He is a good LT at the level for the college level; in the NFL, he will have more time to practice than is allowed in college.  He will be able to work on his techniques and, if not drafted too high, will be given the time to develop.  Add this to his athletic talent and I do think that he has the ability to play at a high level for the team that drafts him.  I like him and would draft him -- I'm simply trying to say that he needs time and patience.  By patience, I mean patience of the club and coaches as I would not draft him in the first three rounds of this draft -- that would be a mistake for Jared as I believe this would rush him onto the field before he is ready.  He has the potential to play one of the tackle positions, which makes him a possible draft choice.  If he was going to play the guard position, I would just say he is worthy of rookie free agent status.  Jared has too much raw talent not to draft him at some point in this process. 



Drew Boylhart  4/10