Jason Fox  OT/OG  Miami 


 Round 4



Jason is a very smart offensive lineman.  He shows solid athletic ability to play at the next level.  He has good quickness out of his stance to play more than one position on the line.  He was used by his college team from one side of the line to the other in both passing and running down situations.  Jason shows pride in his abilities, leadership skills in his play and because of his intelligence has obviously become a favorite of the coaching staff for his college team.  



Jason has some bad technique habits mainly from the fact that he has been moved around so much and has not been able to settle on just one position.  He has good vertical agility, but might not have enough to be a left tackle for the next level.  The problem is that when he goes to the right side, his technique, balance and footwork  are very poor and he struggles defending on passing downs because he lacks the confidence and repetitions of playing on the right side in passing downs.  When run blocking, he is more of a finesse blocker.  This is a problem if a team wants to move him inside.  He needs a lot more upper and lower body strength to play either position for the next level.  In spite of all this, Jason has a good chance to become a core offensive lineman for the team that drafts him; I just think it will take some time. 



Intelligence is Jason's strength.  He is big; but at some point, someone is going to have a 6' 6" center and Jason just might fit that position better than any other.  This kid can play at the next level.  He needs time and a good coach who will fit his athletic abilities and intelligence to one particular position and let him play.  In my opinion, after the third round, I would put Jason on my board as a priority draft pick because his LTI is a bit long, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.  I would even look at Jason as high as the third round if I had a good handle on the position in which I thought this kid would definitely impact.  It is never a mistake to draft good, smart offensive linemen.  Jason will be a solid offensive lineman in the future.  His position may be debatable, but his ability to become a core player for your team is not as far as I'm concerned. 


Drew Boylhart  3/10