Jason Pierre - Paul  DE  South Florida


 Round 1



Jason has remarkable athletic talent and size to be an excellent pass rusher at the next level for the team that drafts him.  He is very quick off the line of scrimmage and seems to have extra gears that he can shift into when he is rushing the passer or tracking down a play from behind.  He is quick, fast and has those long legs and long arms that give him an excellent advantage against any size offensive lineman. Jason's strength is his quickness and speed off the line.  Add to that his size and you have an intimidation factor that opponents will have to deal with emotionally before they even step onto the field.  He shows very good change of direction ability for a player with such long legs and has superior lateral agility to stretch running plays out to the sideline and not give ground.  He is the type of player that, after he works out, is going to make defensive coordinators drool  all over themselves as they sleep and dream of all the ways they can use this kid to get to the QB on third and long. 



Because of his long legs and long arms, he will always struggle at the point of attack; however, you are not drafting Jason to stop the run.  You are drafting Jason to rush the passer.  His pass rushing skills are all based on his ability to get off the line quicker than his opponent.  That will not do (all the time) at the next level.  Jason has a long way to go to learn better pass rushing techniques to free himself up at the next level and become a consistent intimidating factor.  A lot of his sacks and pressures (early in the season) came from inside stunts and not from freeing himself up and rushing from the outside until later in the season.  This improvement shows me that Jason is coachable and improved during the season -- but he still has a long ways to go.  



Jason could be a bigger version of Dwight Freeney (DE Colts).  If he has the work ethic that Dwight has, the sky is the limit to his ability to become one of the best pass rushing defensive ends in the game.  It's all up to him.  Jason looks to me to have the athleticism to play as a OLB in a 3-4.  I suspect at the combine, they will put him through those athletic drills to confirm my suspicions.  If I'm correct, this kid will be able to play in any style of defense and I would think that would push him into the top ten on many teams' boards.  He will get better against the run and at the point of attack with experience, but like I said, you are not drafting Jason to stop the run.  There will be a lot of teams that will list this kid as a top ten talent even if he is not able to shine in LB drills.  The truth is it will be very hard for me to disagree with that.  He looks on film to be a good teammate and plays hard on every down; however, as we all know, sometimes that does not tell the whole story.  Right now I'm watching on film the best pass rushing defensive end in this draft.  The kid from Florida (Carlos Dunlap) is a more complete defensive end, but this kid is the fastest and quickest pure pass rushing 4-3 defensive end.  I call him Jason (The Gazelle) Pierre-Paul because, on the field, he's as smooth and as fast and quick as a gazelle.  


Drew Boylhart  1/10