Jason Worilds  DE/OLB  Virginia Tech 


 Round 5



Jason has those long arms that you like to see in a defensive player to keep big offensive linemen away from his body so that he can make plays.  He has a good burst off the line and does a nice job rushing the passer on third and long.  Jason is solid when playing within the context of the defensive scheme for his team and looks to be a good teammate.  Right now, he is playing out of position for the next level and the team that drafts him. 



Jason does not show the speed, burst or size and strength to be a defensive end in any scheme for the NFL level.  Nor do I see any open field tackling ability or quick change of direction skills required for a linebacker at the next level.  Jason lacks the football intelligence and instincts to play his college position successfully in the NFL; therefore, expecting this to change once he is drafted is suggesting a lot.  Jason might make a team as a special teams player and learn to be a linebacker, but he will have to work very hard to accomplish this.  It can happen but it will be up to Jason to make it happen.



Jason will need to be moved to the outside linebacker position for the next level, in my opinion.  The problem is that, at this point, Jason does not show any linebacker skills and is a marginal college defensive end.  He doesn't seem to possess strong leadership skills or any instincts other than to recognize third and long is a down for him to go all out and rush the passer.  He does a good job keeping blockers off  his body and slides very well when defending against the run, but is not quick to shed and make tackles.  Jason is on the field and does his job, but there is not much else to his game to make me feel that he is anything other than a special teams player with the marginal athletic ability to become a solid outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense if he works very hard and wants it badly enough.



Drew Boylhart  3/10