Javier Arenas  CB/ST  Alabama


 Round 1



Javier is a quick twitch, strong, smart cornerback who has the athletic talent to impact at the next level.   He is a very good tackler and does an excellent job coming up and supporting the run.  Javier shows great man-to-man press coverage ability and is solid as a zone cover corner.  He shows leadership skills through his play on the field.  Javier will impact on special teams the day after you sign him.  He will make your punt return game feared.  He shows excellent hands to make the interception and, I 'm sure, if you wanted to use him on the other side of the ball that he would impact as a slot receiver also.   Javier is a very underrated player in this draft and no matter what round you draft him in, he will become an impact player for you team, a fan favorite and a core player for your defense. 




Javier is vertically challenged and that seems to bother scouts and coaches when evaluating players for the draft.  Teams would rather look at, and draft, taller underachieving players than small in stature players who have proven to be impact players at the college level.  The other excuse is that coaches are concerned about injuries.  The truth is that most small players are not injured anymore than taller players.  I will admit that players who are small and don't have good weight and bulk can be a cause for concern, but that is not the issue with Javier. 



It's smart not too have too many small players on your team, but when you draft, you have to look for players who can impact and Javier is a player who can impact.  I'm sure (because of lack of height) that Javier will not be drafted in the first round, but the kid can play.  He is a complete corner with special teams skills that do not come along often.  He can cover and has the quick twitch, change of direction skills and athletic talent needed to stay with those small receivers that cause match up problems.  Javier is a tackling machine and you had better be prepared when he goes to tackle you or you will lose the ball.  His techniques are excellent and he is a pure head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive tackler.  He can handle the bigger receivers because he is smart and understands how to defend.  The fact is that Javier has to defend larger receivers more times than he has to defend smaller receivers, so I think he has figured out how to do that by now.  You draft Javier and you are drafting a complete corner.  What more do you want?



Drew Boylhart  3/10