Jermaine Gresham  TE  Oklahoma 


 Round 1



Jermaine has the size and athletic talent to be an excellent tight end for the team that drafts him.  He is a very underrated blocker and shows great hands to catch the ball anywhere on the field in any type of down and distance situation.  He has what I call Mona Lisa hands.  By that I mean soft hands that allow him to catch passes that have the velocity of a ball being shot out of a cannon from five feet away.  He shows very good in-line blocking skills to go along with his athletic ability to go out to the second level and block LB's or safeties with ease.  Jermaine has a loping stride that allows him to cover ground quicker than you realize and get down the field faster than you think.  He can be used all over the field in all types of situations as a blocking TE, receiving TE, slot receiver or even as a wide receiver causing all sorts of match up nightmares for defensive coordinators around the NFL. 



Jermaine runs very lazy routes, but I'm not sure it will make much of a difference because of his long loping strides.  It looks like he is going in slow motion compared to everyone else on the field when he runs his routes.  If you are defending him and you peek into the backfield, when you peek back to where you think Jermaine is, you are in for a shock.  In most cases, he is another yard or two past where you thought he would be and he has just caught a touchdown.  So lazy routes or not, this kid covers a lot of ground in a deceiving fashion.  There is another issue here.  Jermaine may be alright as far as his injury goes, but he is not in "football" shape.  He has not been hit or tackled or smashed in the face for a whole college season.  At the NFL level, you will have to bring him along slowly so that other injuries do not occur.  The team that drafts him better have a very good strength and conditioning coach or other injuries will become a problem and Jermaine may sit out another year. 



I took out my film for the 2008 season when Oklahoma played against Washington, Texas Tech and TCU and discovered that this kid is a hell of a blocker who I thought was just a pass catching tight end.  Most of us all knew how well he caught the ball down the field and how quickly he could split the safeties with good speed.  Most of us knew about his abilities that allowed for the Oklahoma coaches to line Jermaine up at different positions on third downs and inside the red zone because he showed such great hands catching the ball, but his ability to block caught me by surprise.  In the passing game I noticed that he was not as quick into his routes or off the line as I thought he would be and I thought, "This kid needs work on his route running!"  Then I realized that even though he seemed slow when running his routes, there was no one around him when he caught the ball.  Sometimes no one was in the picture at all and this was after you would see him come off the line with a defender right in his face.  What I saw on the film was a player with such long, loping strides that when he looked back for the ball and the defender peek into the backfield that Jermaine's stride took him way beyond where the defender thought Jermaine should be and Bradford (with excellent accuracy) delivered the ball so at the end of the play it looked like they were practicing with no one else on the field.  So work him out, check his injury situation and check some character issues.  If everything looks good, you'll be drafting yourself a complete Tight End that should cause a lot of match up problems for a long time. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10