Jevan Snead  QB  Mississippi


 Round 5



Jevan has a strong arm.  He has good size.  He has played the game of football at the college level.  That's all the positives I have on the kid. That's it...that's all there is!



Where do I start?  He lacks leadership qualities because he can't back up his mouth.  His mechanics are so screwed up that it is debatable about his arm strength.  He does not stand tall in the face of a pass rush at the college level.  He does not have the ability to see the big picture in play calling and cannot control his emotions on the field.  Jevan also lacks the ability to analyze his own strengths and weaknesses.  He needs to improve his work ethic in order to be a successful starting QB at the college level and therefore, will struggle to compete at the next level. 



If you draft Jevan early in this draft and put your career as a coach in his hands, you will be fired for it.  Jevan is a coach killer.  It's just that simple.  If you bring him in as a third day draft choice or a rookie free agent, then anything is possible, but I would not hold my breath.  There is nothing to this kid's game at the college level that makes me think he will be a starting QB at the next level.  Right now, for that to happen, Jevan would have to change just about everything in his personal character to accomplish this.  Then, he would need to step us his work on the techniques of the position along with the mental portion of the QB position.  Maybe, after ten years in the NFL, he could become a starter; however, I'm not willing to wait that long.  If I was an owner of a team, I would suggest to my GM that Jevan should not be listed on his draft board.  Then I would see what my GM does with that information. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10