Jim Dray  TE  Stanford


 Round 1



Jim Dray is one of the most complete Tight Ends in this draft.  He is an excellent in-line blocker and has the athleticism and foot speed to block in space as well.  Jim has excellent size and speed to play his position.  He shows very consistent hands and the speed to catch the ball down the field.  He has the strength to out-muscle a linebacker when going after the ball in the air and is too big for most safeties to handle when Jim gets his hands on the ball.  His blocking techniques, balance and instincts are the best I have seen so far in this draft.  He is very smart and reads defenses like a QB when running routes.  Jim reminds me a lot of Jason Witten (TE Dallas Cowboys), but he blocks better.  Perhaps, he reminds me more of Mark Bavaro (former tight end for the Garden State Giants drafted in 1985). 



Jim plays for the pack ten.  The pack ten players do not seem to get the respect from the media in the draft (unless they play for USC) that the east coast and mid west players get in a draft.  That's the reason no one talks about Jim.  Oh yeah, that plus he doesn't have 4.3 speed.  Funny...I still can't figure out how 4.3 speed helps a tight end to block! 



The NFL continues to try to protect the QB's without blocking for them.  They use rules instead.  Give me a fullback and a tight end that can block in the passing game and I suspect you won't see as many QB's getting their heads knocked off their shoulders so much.  I'm going to guess from film that Jim runs in the range of a 4.6 to 4.7 sp in the forty.  Unfortunately, another problem is that NFL teams want tight ends that do not block, but can catch the ball down the field while running wide receiver patterns and look pretty.  Jim is a true tight end.  He blocks in line and in space, he catches the ball down the field and in those short, hard to catch areas of the field. So tell me, why would you draft a guy in the first round who could impact your team like Jason Whitten does for the Cowboys? I mean, after all, he's only a tight end...they don't do anything!  They just have the potential to impact your run blocking, pass blocking and scoring in the red zone.  I mean, really, isn't it better to draft a tight end who is more like a wide receiver so that all he impacts is the passing game?  Isn't that what a tight end is all about?  To get my point across, do I have to be any more sarcastic?  I suppose that Jim will not be drafted in the first round, but believe me, he has first round talent and will be your starting tight end the day after you draft him. 


Drew Boylhart  1/10