Jimmy Clausen  QB  Notre Dame


 Round 4



Jimmy has decent size and strong athletic skills to play his position.  He has a good arm and throws the ball with nice velocity.  He can make all the throws necessary for the next level.  Jimmy shows respectable touch on the short passes and good accuracy both in the pocket and on the run when he breaks the pocket.  He is a smart QB that understands situational football and reads defenses better than most college QB's at this point of his career.  Jimmy has all the physical and mental tools to play the QB position at a very high level for the team that drafts him.  But it takes more than talent to play in the NFL. 



Jimmy lacks the true leadership qualities that a franchise QB has to have to play in the NFL.  He waits to lead.  He waits until his team is in trouble to play at his best.  He goes through motions of being a good, solid QB until his team gets in trouble and then he tries to turn it on at the last minute to save the day.  He plays the game of football like a parent with Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome.



Jimmy Clausen is a perfect example of why I am so against scouts and GM's not sitting and watching a game like a fan does to analyze the intangibles and style of how a player plays the game.   Munchausen-by-Proxy is a disorder that involves inflicting injury on a child or other dependent person, in order to simulate symptoms and draw attention to the caregiver.  In this case, Jimmy considers himself the caregiver (or parent) and the team is the child.  Jimmy never comes out of the gate ready to play or lead his team to victory -- that is, until his team is in trouble.  This trouble can be directly related to the fact that Jimmy plays the first half of most games in a solid QB fashion, but not at his highest level of play, therefore setting the tone for his team to also not play at their highest level from the first snap of a game.  He waits for the team to get into trouble and be behind and then he tries to turn it on.  This is so he can draw attention to himself and become the savior.  If his team loses, as far as Jimmy is concerned, he has done everything he can and cannot be blamed for the loss.  This is very much like a parent who brings the child to the doctor after they promoted a sickness so they cannot be blamed; they are then seen as a savior and considered a great parent.  I never see Jimmy's teammates interacting with him after he makes a good play.  He plays football like person who has other interests.  He plays the game with no heart.  This will affect him when he plays playoff games and other meaningful games.  I will say this about Jimmy:  he will be one hell of a fantasy league QB.  He will get the stats because he plays hard in a losing effort right until the end.  He has first round athletic talent and intelligence to play the game.  Unfortunately, his leadership skills are in big trouble.  I do not see players around him playing better because Jimmy is leading them and making THEM better.  Jimmy plays for Jimmy, which I believe will be a problem for him that will affect him his whole career and be magnified at the next level until he calls himself "Jim" and starts playing team ball instead of Jimmy ball.    


Drew Boylhart  - 11/09